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Mission of Internet Talk Radio Station "SciTechTalk"

(Talk Radio about Science and Technology in the broadest sense)


"Thought provoking information"
as a means of stimulation of the imagination of the listeners.

Purpose (s):

Collecting, organizing and making accessible
all available information on scientific and technical topics
with a special focus on current developments in
new science insights and emerging technologies.

Thought provoking information will be used to generate animated interaction
with the listeners !

SciTechTalk strives to interact with listeners on the Internet Radio Station
and with visitors to the accompanying website SciTechTalk.
This in order to synchronize the interests of the listening and reading public
to the content of the broadcasted radio programs and the content of the website.
SciTechTalk will do that,
for example through polls, surveys and votings on its website.
But also by inviting listeners on a regular basis
to participate actively in the broadcasts,
by giving them the opportunity to also call in to SciTechTalk BroadCast (via Skype)
with questions and contributions, whether or not live, or pre recorded.

Means to achieve this:

1) Internet Radio Station (talks, interviews, themes, specials, live events, documentaries, etc.)
2) content-rich Web site associated with the station


Please consider supporting current and future efforts of SciTechTalk.


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